We can guarantee that your display advertising will never have an accidental click!

Swipe Thru technology improves how a banner advertisement is clicked on by altering the gesture that triggers the click through link from a tap to a swipe.

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Accidental Clicks and Viewability all answered with the Swipe Thru!

Touchscreen advertising lends itself to many accidental interactions with content and advertising that is caused by the physical touch on our smartphones and tablets.

By changing the gesture of how we click on touchscreen devices from a tap to a swipe we can now verify true consumer desire to engage with content or advertisement. This improves the experiences that people will have within websites and apps and also ensure advertisers and only paying for true click throughs.

If you are optimizing your touchscreen banner ads on click through you are most likely wasting more than half of your budgets. Various studies over the years have shown that 40-60% of all mobile clicks are accidental, “fat finger” interactions. If you are optimizing you spend based on click through you may actually be moving your budgets to high accidental click sites or apps.

We know your ads were seen! How do we know this? Well, our Swipe Thru technology tracks consumer gestures. Therefore, we know that a person physically touched the advertisement. We use this information to understand that an ad was definitely viewed because it was literally touched.

SWIPE THRU® Technology

Our patented technology eliminates unwanted and accidental touches, by changing the gesture of clicking from a tap to a swipe, thus saving you money.

No Fraudulent Clicks

Our technology stops bot clicks and other nefarious activity, ensuring that your dollars are spent on a legitimate audience.

Gesture & Engagement Analytics

Rich gesture data and a complete set of traditional ad metrics give you a complete view of campaign performance

Sales & Conversion Reporting

Discover why sales happen, and so much more, by tapping into our automated campaign logic.