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The Touch Platform delivers a variety of targeting options for your campaign that combine unique data and location targeting to find your precise audience match.

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Radius Targeting

Target your ideal audience within a radius on an exact address. (i.e. Stores promote one day sales, Restaurant Grand Openings, Competitive targeting)

Audience Segments

Pre-Selected data sets of audience targets by various genres where consumers are most likely to be on their devices.  (i.e. Colleges, Stadiums, Arenas, Airports, Retail chains, Restaurants, Malls and much more)


Take advantage of a database of over 150+ US people and their traditional tv viewing to target them in a digital world (i.e. Reach Modern Family viewers watching other shows on Connected TVs, select an audience of consumers that watch the News)

Human Touch

Our answer to viewability, target your campaigns to people we know literally touched the screen with our unique gesture data.