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The power of digital advertising can be overwhelming, our platform simplifies while also offering key targeting and analytic elements.

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Utilize a combination of our first party, unique data sets as well as our third-party partners data to reach your desired audience on any device, operating system or screen.


Our partnership with PeerLogix utilizes linear TV data of over 150 million Americans so we can target people on any device based on what TV shows and content they have previously watched.

Location, Location, Location

We can target your campaign by City, State, Zip Code. Radius Targeting to the address available too!

Inventory & Supply

Your advertising program can run on our top tier list of websites and apps across desktop, mobile and Connected TV content.


Our custom dashboard provides you the full scope of your campaign measurement. This allow you the chance to understand what is happening with your campaigns and make the proper adjustments and enhancements to succeed.


Our Supply Partners are second to none.  Between our direct partnerships and SSP relationships our platform is close to 100% reach of the ad supported Connected TV market.  Take a look: ConnectedTV Guide


If you do not have video assets or abilities, no problem.  We can help.  Take a look at some example videos we have made:

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