Introducting BrandFrames

Effortlessly take any video content and turn it into a powerful digital advertising tool that can reach millions of consumers in their homes and more..

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Film. Edit. Upload.

Many businesses may not have the resources or budgets to produce professional commercials. Brand Frames allow store owners, direct to consumer brands, eCommerce stores and many other types of companies to turn simple self-created video content into commercials in minutes.

Simply film, edit and upload your video clip that you filmed on a smartphone, camera or any other video device into our dashboard. Then you can select your border colors and messaging that will wrap or “frame” your video for the length of the clip.

Brand Frames add a professional look to any content clip and most importantly display the call to action such as a phone number, web address or coupon on the screen for the length of the clip.

Your self-created commercials will now be available to run alongside content from CNN, ESPN, Discovery, Lifetime, Fox, MSNBC and reach thousands and thousands or even millions of potential customers.