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The Touch Platform is an Internet advertising portal for businesses of any size to set up and launch a mobile marketing program in minutes.
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The Touch Platform

Why should I use the Touch Platform?

People all over the world are on their mobile devices all day long. They use their devices to buy products, seek information and entertainment. Any business that wants new customers must use mobile advertising to reach them or they will miss out.

Risk Free

No minimum budgets. No set up fees. No long-term contract. Start and Stop as you desire. You are in full control of your spending.

No Middleman

Today's advertising technology space is filled with costs and people in the middle. The Touch Platform provides you with all the controls and direct access to web sites and apps with no costs in the middle.

You're In Control

Self service allows you to be the captain of your advertising programs. You select your audience type, location needs, budgets, ad formats and anything else you see fit.

Easy to Use

Technology can be confusing. Our step by step process will walk you through a simple campaign set up that will get your started in minutes.

We Are Here to Help

Our self-service platform was created for you to be in charge of your campaign. Daily budgets, targeting, tracking and more are at your fingertips. If you need help we are always available to service your needs.

We also have great partners.

The Touch Platform has partnered with the digital industry’s leaders in technology services, security and supply. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible inventory to find new customers and drive sales.

We are constantly adding new partnerships to increase our reach and efficiency as well as providing quality protocols for your marketing initiatives.

We know your customers literally touched your advertisement!

The Touch Platform guarantees potential customers see your marketing. Our technology automatically optimizes advertisements by targeting only people who touch your ads, resulting in increased traffic and more sales.

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SWIPE THRU® Technology

Our patented technology eliminates unwanted and accidental touches, by changing the gesture of clicking from a tap to a swipe, thus saving you money.

No Fraudulent Clicks

Our technology stops bot clicks and nefarious activity.

Gesture Analytics & Data

The Touch Platforms gives you an unprecedented look into the art and science of touchscreen advertising.

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Gesture & Engagement Analytics

Rich gesture data and a complete set of traditional ad metrics give you a complete view of campaign performance.

Sales & Conversion Reporting

Discover why sales happen, and so much more, by tapping into our automated campaign logic.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions